New starters…

….we can serve now also some new starters with the best of italy….Parma Ham 24 months, Parmesan 18 months with balsamic vinegar, Mortadella, Speck (like a smoked ham from the North of Italy), Soppressata calabra (red spicy pepperoni from the South of Italy), lardo di colonnata (fantastic lard to melt on croutons from Tuscany), italian salami from Modena, gorgonzola from Piedmont, Caciotta di Modena (a soft cheese of my area), Buffalo Mozzarella (sooo tasty from Naples) plus stuffed peppers, sundried tomatoes, artichokes and so on.

Pop in and enjoy it!!

Next Week…

….we will be open as  normal.

From the 24th of December to the 1st of January we are going to Italy.

Normal opening time from the 2nd of January.

And remember….

…..we have daily extra menu  dishes, like soup with peas,onions and ginger,  quiche,  risotto with mushroom or cheeses, crespelle (like creps) with mozzarella, ham and parmesan sauce on the top and  so on.


…..if you buy £ 3,00 or more of food, you’ll get a FREE cuppa or americano!!!!!

Pop in and enjoy it.

Now also panini…..

…are available.

Fantastic panini with our home made bread.

VEGETABLES: Courgette, Mushrooms, Salad, Tomatoes

CHEESES: Brie, Cheddar, Mozzarella

MEAT: Bacon, Cooked ham, German sausage

FISH: Tuna

You can choose one vegetable, one cheese and one meat £ 3.90 (e.g. bacon Mushrooms, cheddar), with tuna £ 4.40

Double of an ingredient or one more ingredient 0.50 more (e.g. Double Bacon, Mushrooms, Chreddar)


….due a Weekend Seminar near Oxford we close at 3 pm. Normal opening time from next Monday 10 am – 3 pm.

Sorry for any inconvenience


Happy Halloween

It’s our first Halloween here at Fritto &  Misto, so we have done a little “make up”. Pop in and tell us what you think about it 🙂

Welcome Crespella

Crespella is the italian name of creps, the difference is that you can use crespella with both sweet and salty dishes.

Crespella with nutella


Crespella with Ham, Cheddar and our parmesan sauce

Soooo gooodddddd!!!!!!!