A fantastic board of cheeses and vegetables     £ 11.95

Stuffed peppers, Olives cocktail,  Sundried tomatoes, Parmesan 18 Months, Provolone cheese, Crouton with pecorino cream from Sardinia, Crouton with Ortolana (a hot spicy ‘cream’ of vegetables and mushroom from Calabria), Taralli ( a type of ‘crackers’ from Apulia), Fried mushroom, home made bread,salad.


A wonderful mix of dry cured meats and cheeses     £ 11.95

Parma Ham 24 Months, Cooked ham from Bologna,  Pressata ( a hot spicy pepperoni from Calabria),Mortadella, Provolone cheese,  Taralli ( a type of ‘crackers’ from Apulia), Crouton with cream of pecorino from Sardinia, Gorgonzola from Lombardy,  Sundried tomatoes, Stuffed peppers, home made bread.

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