Yes…. tomorrow Tuesday 11th of June we offer free slices of pizza….but not ordinary pizza.

Just call in from 12 to 3 pm and claim your FREE pizza!!!!!

New fantastic dish

‘nduja risotto….. a perfect hot spicy risotto made with ‘nduja (hot spicy pork meat), mascarpone, extra virgin oil, parmesan and crunchy hot spicy Italian pepperoni….. A dish to die for!

Easter Week

For the Easter Week our opening hours are

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 12.00pm 3.30 pm / 4.30 pm 8.00 pm

Good Friday Closed

Saturday 12.00 pm 8.00 pm

Happy Easter to everyone


We are open Sunday the 14th for the Klondike event from 11.30 to 2.30 pm.


Due a seminar Tuesday the 19th of March we are close. Normal openung hours fro Wednesday.

A glass of good wine?

Yes!!!!! From Tuesday the 12th to Saturday the 16th of February why don’t enjoy a good glass of Italian wine with our Valentine’s or normal Menu?


In the picture our Valentine’s menu. It’s valid from the 14th to the 16th of February (only for tea time). Reservation only.
£ 10.00 pp of deposit is required.
In the following days other pictures of the food for this menu will
be post.
We accept reservation by phone (01287 204833), private message on fb or by person.
Thank you.