STARTER  £ 4.95


A speciality from Modena

Home made spinach and cheeses pie served with home made pesto and salad


A speciality from Modena

Home made cheddar and cooked ham served with glaze of balsamic vinegar and salad


A specialitiy from Sicily

(A fried “ball” of rice cooked in risotto way)

2 x Green (with our home made pesto)

2 x White (with 4 cheeses)

2x Red (hot spicy with induja)

2 x Red2 (bolognese,cooked ham)


A speciality from Naples

Fried smashed potatoes with parsley, nutmeg, salt,pepper ,

 cheddar and onions with a wafer of parmesan                  


A speciality from … Simon

Fried provolone cheese wrapped with hot spicy Italian pepperoni served with salad