Pizza & Pasta

 PIZZA & Co.    

Pizza from 5.95

               We use our home made dough that raise at least 72 hours

Check our list (soon on the website)

   Calzoni £ 4.50

A speciality from Naples

(Homemade pizza dough folded and fried)

Price is for mozzarella plus another ingredient (e.g cheddar or ham or pepperoni…). Any other ingredients  + £ 0.50 

Pizza sandwiches  £ 4.50 

  Like a Panini but made with our pizza dough

Ask for fillings


PASTA & Co. from £ 7.00


carbonara, bolognese, meatballs, vegetarian, with ‘nduja


with mushroom or cheeses (both + £ 1.00), with ‘nduja


GrandMa recipe with home made bolognese

Pasta & Fagioli

a speciality from North Italy

Pasta cooked in a cream of beans with parmesan, our tomato sauce,fresh parsley, salt, pepper (hot spicy) served with home made focaccia.