PIZZA & Co.    £ 4.50

(homemade dough)


               With cheeses, or mozzarella,ham or pepperoni orsausage


A speciality from Naples

(Homemade pizza dough folded and fried)

With cheeses, or mozzarella and ham or sausage or pepperoni or meatballs


  ask for ingredients

(Parma Ham + £ 1.00 /  chicken + £ 1.50)

PASTA & Co.  £ 6.50


carbonara, bolognese, meatballs, vegetarian


with mushroom or cheeses (both + £ 1.00)


GrandMa recipe with home made bolognese

Pasta & Fagioli

a speciality from North Italy

Dry egg pasta cooked in a cream of beans with parmesan, lactosefree milk, fresh parsley, salt, pepper (hot spicy) served with crackers from Apulia.


MEAT & Co.  £ 7.00

Parmo Not Parmo

A speciality from … Simon

Fried fresh chicken fillet with mozzarella and cooked ham (or spicy pepperoni) in the middle with melting cheddar on the top and home made tomato sauce on the bottom, served with chips or salad


A speciality from Rome

Home made pork and beef meatballs slowly cooked in our tomato sauce, spring onion on the top, served with  chips or salad

Chicken salad

Fresh chicken fillet cooked by order, green salad, cherry tomatoes, cheddar, cooked ham, parmesan and our pesto


OTHERS & Co. £ 5.50

Caprese salad

Beef tomato with mozzarella, oregano, extra virgin oil and our home made pesto


A speciality from Romagna

Home made flat bread cooked in a pan, folded and stuffed with cooked ham, salad, mayo

(Parma Ham + £ 1.00)

We charge £ 1.50 to eat in