The Fritto & Misto Story

Hello everybody,

my name is Simon and I was born in Italy 40 years ago (ish).  At the age of 10, I moved from Reggio Emilia to Modena ( it is a medium city between Florence and Milan). Modena is famous for the Balsamic Vinegar, the Ferrari car, the Parmesan, the Tortellini, the opera singer Pavarotti and so on.

I was (and I am) always attract by the kitchen environment, thanks also to my Grandma that passed down to me the passion for cooking. Also nowadays in spite of her 89 years, she always gives to me advices about some recipes, the same recipes that you find at Fritto & Misto. I have just changed ….little…tiny things to make them easier for a business…but don’t tell her nothing ! 🙂

Year after year, mistake after mistake, course after course I have improved a lot my knowledge about food and cooking.

In 2015 me and my fantastic partner Elena (let me thank her for all the support she gives to me and for all the patience she has….) moved from Modena to Leeds (by car…a yellow panda). There, I worked as chef in a restaurant pizzeria call “Ecco Pizzeria” (if you are in the area and want to taste a real napolitan pizza go there, you won’t be disappointed), where I’ ve learnt what means to be under pressure in a kitchen environment.

After that, we moved to this fantastic area and In March 2017 I have started this crazy incredible adventure.

What I would like to offer to people are several Italian specialities, beyond the most famous italian dishes like pizza, spaghetti, lasagne (that anyway you can find here as well).

ALL the food is home-made, with several GF options.

If you would like to try proper Italian food, just pop in and I’ll do all my best to offer you The Real Italian Food Experience.


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