5 medium eggs (free range), 50 gr + 50 gr sugar,  15 savoiardi (trifle fingers),  420 gr (ish) mascarpone, coffee, cocoa powder and chocolate chip to taste.

Preparation Time:

30 min for 5 tiramisu’

How to do:

Prepare in advance all ingredients





Split the yolk from  egg white in two different bowls

Add 50 gr sugar to yolks and start to  mix


Now add mascarpone to yolks and sugar and mix

Start to whip up the egg white and add  50 gr of sugar after 4 min (ish).

Continue to whip up until you have a soft foam

Now you can add the soft foam obtained from egg white to the mascarpone cream. Continue to mix for adding air into the cream.

 the little bubbles you see in the second picture  are exactly what we need…you have added air into the cream.

Ok…now you can take 5 pavesini, break them in half and dunk in lukewarm coffee.

Put pavesini in every cup and start to cover them  with the cream.

Now take other 10 pavesini and split them always  in 2, but this time in 3/4 and 1/4 as picture, dunk in coffee, put in cups and cover with the cream

Almost finish…add cocoa powder and chocolate chips

And here we are…

Someone tell to put in the fridge for 20 minutes and they are ready…I prefer to put tiramisu’ (covered with cling film) AT LEAST for 2 our in the freezer (just to avoid any problem with raw eggs). After 2 hours you need wait half hour before tasting this fantastic Italian pudding.

Tip: You can prepare more tiramisu’ and freeze them. After more than 10 hours you need wait at least 4/5 hours before you can eat tiramisu’.